Google Challenge is now launched

Posted on 5 febbraio 2010


We are very happy to announce that the Challenge is now launched and the students can register on our official website Apologies for the delay.

This new registration process allows students to login to a dashboard where they can enter the Customer ID of their AdWords accounts, check if the credit has been applied in their accounts and upload the pre and post campaign reports.

Note that students should create an AdWords account before registering to the dashboard. This account:

– MUST be set up in US dollars (USD)
– SHOULD NOT have any billing information
– any campaign created must be PAUSED, so the credit does not run once it is applied.

Steps for students registration, verification by professor and obtaining the credit:

1. Student will register at with the email used for creating the AdWords account.

2. Enter professor’s email – the professor will receive an email to verify the account. Once verified, students will be notified through email.

3. Log in to this dashboard again enter the Customer ID number of the AdWords account and Google will credit your account with USD200 to participate in the Challenge (allow few days for this to occur). Your 10 digit customer ID is at the top right corner of your AdWords account. Enter the correct CID as once entered, it can not be edited again.

4. Remember to PAUSE THE CAMPAIGNS! If your campaign is active and we apply the credit, your ads start running immediately and you might exhaust your budget. Also, ensure that your account is in USD, with NO billing information.

5. Enter the email addresses of other team mates.

6. Upload the pre-campaign report before beginning the campaign.

Remember students should run the campaign for 21 consecutive days, and the last day to submit the Post-campaign report will be on the 4th of June.

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