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Posted on 28 gennaio 2010


We are happy to announce that the Student registration dashboard will be launched on Wednesday, 3rd of February.

In the meantime, students have the opportunity to become familiar with Google AdWords. This information can be found in the updated Students Guide, now available in under the ‘Information for Students’ section. This guide will help them to learn about how to create and manage a Google AdWords account and how to register in the student dashboard.

This is a great chance to find a suitable business for the Challenge. A major aim of the Challenge is to give students practical, real-life experience in their studies. With this in mind, the best way to work with businesses is to think of themselves as consultants, and the business as the client. The Academic Guide is also available for professors in under the ‘Information for Professors’ section.

Please note that this year all the information about Google AdWords is included on the Student Guide only. Before activating any Google AdWords account please remember to: – set up the account in US dollars – NOT enter any billing information – PAUSE all existing campaigns (Failure to pause them may cost the budget)

Student Guide:

Academic Guide:

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