Istruzioni per google marketing challenge

Posted on 15 marzo 2008



We have now created the form for students to upload their Challenge reports when they are ready. Please inform all students about the following details.

In order to be eligible to win the Challenge, all student teams MUST submit both the Pre-Campaign Strategy and Post-Campaign Summary reports. The form to upload reports be found at Please note the following:
The Pre-Campaign Strategy should be submitted to professors and to Google before the team start their campaign.
The Post-Campaign Summary should be submitted to professors and to Google at least 3 weeks after their campaign has ended and must be with Google before the 14th of June 2008.
The reports should be uploaded in one of the following formats – Word Document (.doc), PDF (.pdf) or Rich Text Format (.rtf)
For teams that have campaigns starting between the 10th – 15th of February, they will have a slightly extended deadline until the 15th of February to upload their Pre-Campaign Strategy. All other teams must upload this report BEFORE their campaign begins. Failure to do so may jeopardize their entry in the Challenge.
Teams should refer to the student guide ( for more detail on structuring their reports.

The Google Team